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Defense Against Personal Injury Claims

Businesses and commercial property owners are frequent targets for personal injury lawsuits. Being sued represents not only a distraction but a potentially significant exposure. Clark Guldin Attorneys at Law provides experienced representation for the personal injury legal process, from discovery and settlement negotiations to trial advocacy and appeals. We aggressively counter unmerited claims, advise clients on risk management and work to resolve viable claims as cost-effectively as possible.

Our clients include construction contractors and real estate developers, landlords of commercial and multi-family residential properties, trucking companies, retailers, bars and restaurants, health care providers and other businesses of New Jersey and New York. One of our attorneys brings an extensive background in personal injury litigation.

Counsel And Representation In Personal Injury Law

We are equipped for defense work in all types of personal injury and wrongful death claims, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, corporate vehicles or limos/taxis.
  • Premises liability lawsuits (slip-and-falls, assaults, fires and explosions)
  • Ladder and scaffolding accidents (New York Labor Law 240) at construction sites
  • Product liability
  • Dram shop and social host liability (drunk driver accidents)
  • Medical malpractice

In addition to litigating the merits or damages of a personal injury lawsuit, our firm represents businesses in disputes with their insurers such as failure to defend or failure to engage in good-faith negotiations.

We Handle Select Plaintiff Injury Cases

Clark Guldin Attorneys at Law is a not high-volume personal injury mill – we don’t take fender-bender and soft-tissue cases. But our firm has represented victims of serious and disabling injuries, including several of our business clients or their family members who were injured in motor vehicle collisions or other accidents.


Our experience on both sides of these matters is your advantage as we detail the case for liability and calculate appropriate damages. It is critical to have a trial lawyer on your side who can press your case as far as necessary. You can count on us to vigorously pursue full and fair compensation for your economic loss, future medical care, and your personal pain and suffering.

Discuss Your Personal Injury Matter

Experience matters in high-stakes personal injury cases. If you have suffered a serious injury accident or if your company is threatened with legal action, reach out to Clark Guldin Attorneys at Law at 973.707.5346 or email us.