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Protecting Your Interests In Business Litigation

Legal disputes inevitably arise in the course of business operations. A proactive and strategic approach can mean the difference between a timely and cost-effective resolution and a conflict that escalates out of control. At Clark Guldin Attorneys at Law, we are always mindful that business problems need business solutions.

Our experienced litigators handle business litigation in state and federal courts in New York, New Jersey and other jurisdictions. We also handle adjudications before administrative law courts, licensing boards and agencies, and other forums.

Wide Experience With Business Disputes

We represent businesses as plaintiffs or defendants in a full range of legal conflicts, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Complex commercial disputes
  • Partnership disputes and business divorce
  • Construction defects and construction litigation
  • Real estate transactions
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Personal injury defense
  • Intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright, licensing)
  • Restrictive covenants and theft of trade secrets
  • Business torts (unfair competition, tortious interference)
  • Duty of loyalty and director and officer (D&O) liability
  • Oppressed shareholder litigation
  • Consumer fraud lawsuits
  • Securities litigation

See examples of our representative cases in business litigation.

The Advantages Of Our Firm

As a small firm, we are efficient and “lean.”  As alums of big firm litigation practice, our lawyers are also knowledgeable and skilled in litigating complex and “bet-the-company” cases. We recognize and understand that litigation is a means to an end rather than an end in itself, and that pursuing a business objective in a litigation is a costly and time-consuming (and sometimes, maddening) undertaking. We get it. We understand that our business clients’ objectives are always the resolution of business disputes in a business-like way, However, when circumstances dictate otherwise, we are prepared to go the distance in those matters that require judicial intervention.

We believe that a successful litigation outcome depends on a carefully crafted strategy formulated based on the client’s goals and risks, and a thorough understanding of the area of law, remedies and potential outcomes.  Our task as your lawyers in litigation is to protect your interests, taking into account risk and potential exposure.  We work with you to assess and manage risk, to jointly develop a plan and strategy to proceed with and conduct the litigation, and to do so with a careful eye on costs. In short, we strive to be strategic thinkers and skilled advocates, working toward a prompt and cost-effective resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution And Appeals

In addition to our litigation expertise and experience, we help clients resolve disputes using alternate dispute resolution (ADR) in all of its variations – arbitration, mediation, private judging, and construction DRBs (dispute resolution boards). These methods can mitigate the costs and risks of full-scale litigation.

When the litigation process does produce an acceptable result for one party, the other may appeal.  We are experienced in pursuing and defending appeals and handling all aspects of the appellate process.

Discuss Your Legal Situation With An Experienced Attorney

Clark Guldin Attorneys at Law brings business sense to business disputes. To arrange a consultation, call 973.707.5346 or email us.